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About us, BestFine Capital International(BCHK) is a global financial change agent situated in Hong Kong, that offers international facilities to loan or any financial funding with lower interest rate. Our funding ranges from as low as $500,000 – $500,000,000,000. Bestfine Capital LTD source of funding is in foreign reserves, investment banks in Europe, invest banks in middle east and Asia, in gold / oil and gas and through the help of Hong Kong Government.

Be sure we can provide you with any amount of loan that your Business/Project may need to nourish. 

We are the best Loan company in the world give us a try today and get FUNDED.

We focus on providing our clients with the best-suited loan schemes for their business best capital; quick loan processing, no collateral needed with low annual percentage rate (low APR) because we believe our loan services will help you give that extra leverage you need to fulfill your dreams.

BestFine Capital LTD is being managed by a crop of young dynamic and focused professionals which has been licensed to transact general business and special financial services.

Bestfine Capital LTD offers a worldwide lending platform to provide flexible credit facilities to individual and corporate businesses requiring additional capital, assets, fund for various projects, import & export and credit enhancement and our aim is to help small and large business entities fulfill your dreams. Also sblc monetization hong kong service.

Our business registration number:

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Best Capital International Limited also known as Bestfine Capital(BCHK) with MLR no. 6082  can help to obtain financing, activate credit line, provide loans against financial instruments, and monetize financial instruments.

Our company is capable to offer the most competitive terms when rendering assistance in obtaining financing for both commercial transactions and various business projects. Every project that requires financing will be discussed on an individual basis. Our loans have an interest rate of 2% per annum with up to 4 years of grace and can span up to ten years in length.

To obtain debt financing, our company uses active credit lines of our partners. We are prompt with flexible conditions financing against the most spread types of financial instruments. 

This type of financing imposes less rigid requirements to the current financial status of client and quality of financial project than traditional project financing.

We provide products and strategies to bolster financial statements or assisting with the establishment and expansion of new or existing credit lines. Our services afford you the opportunity to secure the funds required to maximizing your project or business operations. Our product line offers a variety of leased products from the TOP institutions.


Loans with Bank Instruments as collateral LTV: 

  • 10M to 500M – 44% Non-Rated Bank or 64% Rated Bank – Non-Recourse Loan
  • 10M to 500M Bank Guarantee (BG) – 63% Recourse Loan with a Non-Rated Bank instrument or 80% Recourse Loan with a Rated Bank instrument – This loan has an interest rate of 2% per annum with up to 4 years of grace and can span up to ten years in length.

Estimated Completion Time:

  • 7 to 14 Days after all documents are signed and verified or 5 to 7 Days After Instrument Delivery on the SWIFT, Euroclear or DTCC Networks. 

Our Reputation & Intergity

At Best Funding Capital ltd, people’s trust in us increases everyday because we don’t disappoint.  We keep to our words which makes us exceeds others in financial loan business.



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