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At BCIL HK we always make sure that clients Privacy is top priority and very confidential due to our Financial Policies we have stretched to attest few of our clients testaments as they accelerates the global financial ladder on their various fields and endeavors, dominating, increasingly expanding in their various geographical financial situation.
After many years of operations and services, Best Capital International Hong Kong (BCIL HK) believe 100% that their is always a way to turn challenges into opportunities. Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of the capital market and bold approach to project financing. The unmatched creativity and persistence, we strive to find the right funding solutions to bring your vision to fruition.


“These year 2019 during the Brexit period my business experienced all manner of challenge and about giving up. I want to say thank you Best Capital International Hong Kong (BCIL HK) for all your efforts and long late hours spent in helping us achieve successful funding for the purchase of Machinery worth over 2 million Pounds. The local lenders were unable to offer reasonable financing given their low position. With your diligence and knowledge of international lending sources we were able to secure competitive long term financing at 2.5% interest rate per annual.
I recommend anyone seeking commercial financing should enlist your experience and guidance.
I will be sure to contact you for my next purchase or re-finance.”
Johannus T Hansen,Vice-Chairman
United Kingdom.

“ Best Capital International Hong Kong (BCIL HK) takes time to understand a borrower’s needs, where banks have failed to do so. They will continue to be one of our top lenders to do business with.
“ Or recent recent closed large business deal. Was a smooth transaction unlike many other typical commercial lender.”
Kaale Lysberg,Chairman

“ BCIL HK team did a great and marvelous job for me. I have tried to get funding from my local bank which was not successfully due to the constrain in the economy. I was able to obtain finance with a high quality and swift service from Best Capital International Hong Kong.” I will highly recommend them to anyone.
Daniel Dziewas,COO.


“All this will not be possible if not for your endless support since 2018. Your company have been brilliant at handling the whole process of our funding. The pandemic was devastating for my business but when I approached your company for funding you never let me down. From the very beginning of the application to crediting our account, the process was quick and very easy. we were able to secure funds at an affordable rate which has enabled our businesses to grow quickly new projects achievable.”
Ronald Baig, Finance Director

“ Moving to Hong Kong in 2010 we were referred to Best Capital International Hong Kong . Our company was in its early startup approximately six weeks. They worked with us in purchasing our first big Equipment for production and ever since has worked with us on all projects that we have done. This work has included major capital expenditures for processing equipment to land expansion and new buildings. They have played a big part in our growth. With deep sincerity we would like to thank you for your support.”
Clement Chau,CEO


After bad choices made for business loans online and being rejected for a consolidation loan by my bank and mortgage provider, I came across Best Capital International Hong Kong via a Google search. I phoned up expecting the worst and more rejection but I found the company advisor beyond professional.
I would like to personally thank BCIL HK team for their first class service and much needed help and advice. I would recommend.”
Blair Keteca,CEO

“ We received professional unbiased advice, detailed options relevant to our specific construction project, customer always quick to respond to every need, full explanations of payments and terms and a level of communication that was second to none. Based on this we were able to make a fully informed decision on the best finance for us at this time. If you are looking to raise business finance I would strongly recommend that you make them, your first call choice ”
Rodd Mckinnon, Finance Manager

” Most businesses always come with there short term funding crisis. We experienced one of those where investor fund raising would take too long and banks as usually were slow to respond. I’m delighted with the speed and quality of engagement that the company provided us in our dark hours of our client need. There information team are very responsive when communicating and highly knowledgeable with investment approach. It was a pleasant surprise to get to such a rapid decision point within days. The result was positive, Best Capital International continued to explore with urgent solutions for us, truly demonstrating the spirit of going the extra mile. I can only recommend whole heartedly the experience engaging with them for my Business Loans .”
Jack Hadaway, Finance coordinator
Papua New Guinea.


“Being an International Financial Consultant, we have a lot of client requesting business and commercial finance in Maunufacturing but it has been so difficult to get a reliable finance company to fund our clients. In the past 2 years, A business associate introduced us to a reliable finance company in Hong Kong Best Capital International we then contacted them with a client that need a commercial loan of 140 Million Euro and after meeting their credit requirement the deal was successfully closed in time. Recently they also helped our foreign client in Singapore close a huge project deal in real estate within in 3 weeks. No one else could get this deal done in that time frame. Watch-out for outfits that charge upfront fee, and can’t deliver!”
Jorge Diaz Joao, Director

“ We learnt so much about project that didnt come to light while working with them. They really do understood our Finance needs and how our business works with true professionalism. The work and effort into getting the correct funding for us. Thanks guys
Richard Greenbury,Managing Director
United State.

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