Frequently Asked Questions

Best Funding Capital can do a lot for your business! We understand every business has different needs and different goals, so we offer a large array of funding solutions and experienced personnel to cater the perfect solution.

Best Funding Capital offers your business solutions that are much simpler and much faster than what a bank can offer. Most banks make it very difficult to qualify and often require stellar credit and a strenuous application process. We keep it simple. Our entire application process takes about 10 minutes and requires little to no paperwork. You can get approved in just hours and have funds to your business checking account in as fast as 24 hours.

Definitely. In fact, most of our clients reach out to us because that exact circumstance has occurred. Best Funding Capital has a large array of options in place to get your business the capital it needs without the strenuous process that banks often require.

To qualify for most of our financing products, your business must meet a few simple qualifications such as being in operation for 6 months, generating $10,000+ in monthly revenue, and having the owner’s credit score exceed 500. Unique situations such as home based businesses and uncommon industries may require additional qualifications. If you’re seeking a more conventional debt instrument such as a business term loan or business line of credit, we will need to see 2 years in business, $25,000+ in monthly revenue, and a personal credit score exceeding 650.

Once all of your information is received and verified, you may be pre-qualified in as little as a few hours! Some of our funding partners may take additional time to arrive at a decision. Your dedicated Best Advisor will work closely with you to find the best repayment terms in the shortest time possible.

We offer a variety of products for small businesses, including business loans, revenue based financing, merchant cash advance (MCA), invoice factoring, and lines of credit as well as other products. Please contact us for details.

Best Funding Capital offers funding in the amount of $100,000 to $5,000,000.

We offer interest rates as low 5.49% APR on extended term loans. Our cash advance products carry a fee of .10 to .40 cents on the dollar. We offer fees as low as 2.5% on our invoice factoring services.

Certainly! If you’re a new business owner seeking credit to aid you in those oh-so-crucial beginning months, we’re happy to be an asset for you. Our startup lines of credit require that the primary owner have a credit score that exceeds 680, and that revolving balances are kept at a minimum on their credit profile. Since there are no business financial metrics to underwrite yet, the personal credit underwriting process is more stringent with this financing product.

After you’ve completed your application, most of our direct lenders require four months of bank statements and credit card statements depending on your revenue intake. We often find that the entire submission process takes less than 10 minutes.

Yes! Many business owners wish to apply for additional funding once they’re nearing the completion of their current repayment term. Because you’ve established a working relationship with that direct lender, the renewal process will be even easier than your initial loan/advance and you may be eligible for a larger loan upon renewal.

Once the underwriting process has been completed and you’ve been approved for your business loan or advance, you can receive funds in as little as 24 hours.

Best Funding Capital will help you set up a funding option with a repayment plan that works for your business. For most business loans and revenue based financing, a fixed amount is repaid each weekday via ACH transfers during a pre-determined repayment term that averages 4-24 months. For extended term loans, a fixed amount is repaid weekly or monthly over a pre-determined repayment term of 12-60 months. A merchant cash advance (MCA) is repaid each weekday with a fixed percentage of your credit card sales taken directly from your merchant account. Merchant cash advances don’t have a set repayment term, because the amount repaid adjusts with your daily sales.

These programs are not publicly known, and only a very small group of investors that own funds or Bank Instruments may have access to them -solely and exclusively by invitation-. They are not new, they are more than 55 years old.

The Private Placement Programs imply no risk for the investor. The purchase/sale of MTNs is "risk-free" provided that the Trader is guaranteed the exit to the instrument that was previously acquired. If we are dealing with a real Trader, such exit will be guaranteed by contract and therefore there wont be any risks for the investor. Before the start of the program, the Trader will "prepare" such program planning the future purchases and sales and knowing beforehand the benefits that each of them will bring. In a second phase the program will be run, which means nothing but carrying out the purchases/sales that were previously planned and negotiated with the cut houses.

Yields are collected weekly at the bank designated by the Trader. Ever since the collection of the first profit, this capital will be completely available for the client.

Yes. This is generally a question for your own bank; however Best Funding Capital can help you obtain credit once the Guarantee is received.

This varies from deal to deal. We do advise all our clients to allow a period of between 1 and 2 weeks from initial application. However, if we receive full co-operation and the flow of required information is smooth, it may be possible to complete the entire transaction from start to finish inside 15 days. Time is of course required for the Provider to lodge the necessary assets to the issuing bank of the SBLC, so we advise our clients that a minimum time of at least 21 days will apply in any event.

Guarantees are important instruments used to minimize the risks that are involved in commercial contracts. For the enforcement of ordinary guarantees, as construed dependence of the guarantee on the main contract may lead to unnecessary disputes and litigation, arising from the main contract. These disputes may have a material effect on the guarantee, thereby blocking funds in litigation. Hence, there was a need for an innovative instrument which would enable the guarantee to serve its original purpose; namely, providing a form of security.

The bank guarantee is one such innovative financial instrument whereby, if the beneficiary perceives that there has been a breach of contract by the other party, he can encash the guarantee and avail of the amount immediately, without having to undergo the hassles of litigation. Thus, the relevance of a bank guarantee achieves relevance.

Following are some points of difference between a bank guarantee and a usual guarantee:

  1. A usual guarantee is governed by Sec. 126 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872. A bank guarantee is not directly governed by Sec. 126.
  2. An ordinary guarantee is a tri-partite (3 parties) agreement involving the surety, the debtor and the creditor. But a bank guarantee is a contract involving two parties i.e. the bank and the beneficiary.
  3. In an ordinary guarantee, the contract between the surety and the creditor arises as a subsidiary to the contract between the creditor and the principal debtor. The bank guarantee is independent of the main contract.
  4. In an ordinary guarantee, the inter se disputes between the debtor and the creditor have a material effect upon the surety's liability. However, the bank guarantee is independent of the disputes, arising ex contractu (arising out of the contract).
  5. An ordinary guarantee does not have any time limit before which the debt has to be claimed. Bank guarantees generally have a specific time within which they are functional.