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Best Funding Capital ltd, a well-known corporate loans service provider, offers a variety of financial instruments service online, which can get you direct access to efficient providers of Standby Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantee from top-rated AA banks from all over the world.

If you are someone who wants to raise capital with your investments, the business funding solutions online offered by our team of experts can help you out. We also feature a range of programs relevant to the non-recourse loan where the BG and SBLC can be easily monetized for money which is placed into several types of trade programs.

The SBLC and BG which can be monetized covers all the financial instruments of a top-rated bank with a high monetary value. Our international project funding services can be used to access the non-recourse loans from well-known AA banks against security in the form of bank instruments.

Also, we have an ongoing non-recourse loan program where the lender and BG provider can be merged together. This can help borrowers who do not have collateral or BG to provide as security for the loan. Here, the BG would be leased on borrower’s behalf.

Receive a Leased BG Today!


Bank Guarantees can be used as a successful tool to secure financing for your projects. These are typically used in global finance, trade finance, credit enhancement, project finance, and so much more. Although these are successful tools, it can be hard to secure them. It is almost impossible for small businesses to receive cash funds from investors who require a BGs.

However, you can rely on a Leased BG which can be found at many different institutions. Most people are unaware that this is even an option.

You can have access to the cash-backed BG of another party for a fee, or a lease. When the term has concluded you can extend it, or it is returned to the original holder.

The asset holder will enter into joint ownership with the potential borrower, or this asset can be transferred over completely. This assures that there will not be a problem with the ownership of the account.

The leased BG will give the same rights to the account holder during the term. The new owner can encumber, place a lien, monetize, and use this account for security purposes.

Leased Bank Guarantee (BG)

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We provide Leased BGs from some of the top banks in the world and utilize Bloomberg, Euroclear, DTC screen block and the SWIFT network as well. We use SWIFT MT799 to deliver bank to bank leased guarantees, as well as SWIFT MT760.

We Protect Our Client Deposits Fully Through 3 Levels of Protection

You never have to worry about your security with our three levels of protection:

  1. A Two Percent (2%) Non-Performance Penalty
    • Two Percent (2%) damage fee will apply to a Party that fails to perform. The 2% shall apply in both cases, either when the Provider has sent a Corporate Invoice which the Beneficiary’s Bank will not respond or pay, and/or when the Beneficiary’s Bank is ready willing and able to receive the BANK INSTRUMENTS and no BANK INSTRUMENTS is delivered from the Providers Bank by SWIFT MT-760, DTC, Euroclear or Bloomberg.
  2. A Program to Refund Deposits (all our agreements are Bank Endorsed (confirmable) with full bank responsibility as an insurance wrap)
    • With our agreement with banks, that bank becomes responsible for payment when the transaction becomes complete.
    • When a bank endorsed an agreement, the bank becomes responsible before our company is paid any fees by the client. We are the only Bank Instrument Facilitators in the WORLD that guarantee 100% your initial deposit through bank endorsement before the client releases any payment.
  3. Attorneys Client Trust Account
    • Once your agreement is approved by the compliance department and bank endorsed, the payment is to be made ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY to an attorney’s office client trust account. This banking coordinates will be provided directly from a Best Funding Capital Compliance officer (CCO) and it will be included inside of your Invoice.

This Refund Deposit  Program protects our clients and makes sure that the deposits are completely safe.

NOTE: The same thing also apply for SBLC and every other instrument

16 Reasons to Leased Bank Guarantees from Us!

  1. Our Program Operates with the Top 100 Banks of the World
  2. We offer monetization for our own bank instrument in case clients need this service.
  3. Our Bank Guarantees are available in a variety of currencies like the USD or Euro.
  4. We offer Low Leasing Rates of 8+2 (10% Total)  for Rated Bank or 5+2 (7% Total) for Non-Rated Bank.
  5. Offer five days to have full payment after the MT760 arrives at your bank.
  6. We include pre-advice about your MT799
  7. We protect 100 percent of your deposit with Bank Endorsement.
  8. We do not allow Corporate or Personal Checks.
  9. You do not need to show your project documents.
  10. We promise that after an Agreement is completed, it will be signed within 72 hours.
  11. We deliver the MT760 to your institution.
  12. We offer Bloomberg, Euroclear or DTC delivery to your Bank.
  13. We will pay a commission of up to 1.5% to any brokers.
  14. We develop your BG specifically for each client.
  15. We impose a performance penalty of 2% in every contract.
  16. Our banks endorse our deposit guarantee and also ensure to payout.

Business Loans

Business Funding Solutions Online

Over the years, we have built long term, trusted and reliable direct relationships with proven Clients and companies all over the world. This is the right financing solution for you if you are looking to start up a new business, to expand or refinance existing business, or simply to renovate your business premises.

We have funded projects worth Millions of dollars/euros with companies in Asia, Europe and Middle-east with a suitable yearly interest rate/repayment and a considerable term of years.

The  most  interesting  part  of  Best Funding Capital business cash loan procedure is that you will be giving the privilege to only pay part for the required fees before you receive the business loan after other fees. After confirmation of the loan amount in your bank account, by this way our company secures other bank fees for you until you receive the business cash loan.

International Project Funding

International Project Funding Services

If you need Corporate loans for your International project funding or if you have a client that requires funding for his project or business, We are also lenders that specialize in funding against financial instruments, such as BG, SBLC, POF or MTN, we fund 100% of the face value of the financial instrument. We have internationally tested, trusted and reliable providers that are ready, willing and able of delievring Fresh Cut BG, SBLC and MTN which are specifically for lease from top rated AA Banks, our bank instrument can be engaged in PPP Trading, Discounting, signature projects such as Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum, Telecommunication, construction of Dams, Bridges, Real Estate and all kind of projects.

Renewable Leased Bank Instruments

Corporate Loans Service Provider

Best Funding Capital BG/SBLC financing can help you get your project funded, by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. We work directly with the providers of these bank instruments. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal costs from our lessor compared to other banking finance options. This offer is open to both individuals and corporate organizations.

No Broker Chain involvement

No Broker Chain involvement

Involvement of a broker chain can make every process complex especially when it comes to taking your business abroad. We understand the headache of dealing with brokers and that’s why we are here to deal with you directly to eliminate the complications. We provide business funding solutions online when you are in the search of a reliable way to get your business needs funded.

With us, you don’t actually have to deal with brokers to raise the funds for your business. Whether you want to avail business loans or want equity for your commercial business, we can help you get out of the mess by strengthening relationships with you. We serve international project funding services to make sure you don’t face hurdles in dealing with brokers and investors. To serve you long term relief, we are always standing on our toes to offer you international project funding services. Besides, we do provide a wide range of products to meet your financial needs in no time.

Corporate Commitment


We are the leading corporate loans service provider that takes care of your financial needs in real-time. We understand how tricky it would be to find a real leased asset source when many brokers are involved in a business. Our management team works dedicatedly to make sure you enjoy operational excellence and peace of mind with our services.

Proof of Funds


Best Funding Capital ltd represents a private equity fund that provides Proof of Funds / Verification of Deposits for short or long-term uses. We are the sole representative of the fund, so there is no broker chain involved. The funds are utilized to provide Proof of Funds accounts at a predetermined fixed return-on-investment. We ensure that our clients will not have to give up any ownership positions in their projects or trades. However, joint ventures are considered on a case by case basis.

Letter of Credit


The Documentary Letter of Credit known as LC or DLC is a written undertaking given by a bank to the seller (beneficiary). The Letter of Credit or Documentary Letter of Credit is a technique for financing International trade by which a bank (issuing bank) takes the irrevocable commitment, at the request and for the account of its client (applicant), to pay the exporter (beneficiary) against the handing-over of various documents complying with the terms of the credit, proving forwarding and the nature of the goods stipulated in the proforma invoice or commercial contract within a set time limit.